About Us

A LONG TIME recognition of disabled accessibility needs

One of the Deschamps best selling product is the Mobi-Mat® Beach-Access which are portable and removable rollout access pathways invented by Mr. Georges-Paul Deschamps, the current president of the company. Since 1994, those Beach-Access mats have given both disabled people and pedestrians an easier way to access and navigate across the beach. In 2004, the Mobi-Mat® Beach-Access Mats were also used extensively in Indonesia to help rescue and bring humanitarian support to Tsunami victims.

The Deschamps company then took beach access for the disabled one step further by providing a way for the disabled to access the water by creating the Mobi-Chair®. The Mobi-Mat® and the Mobi-Chair® combine to provide people with disabilities a way to enjoy the beach and the water.

150 years of Deschamps, the symbol of great know-how

Today, the Deschamps name is synonymous with quality and innovation. Since its start in 1860, Deschamps, a family-owned business, has acquired a unique knowledge in the design and production of textile and composite products. Deschamps constantly meets needs and innovates, with a dynamic R&D department dedicated to improving the performance of existing products, creating new products and studying specific applications for its customers.

Deschamps is certified ISO 9001/2000 since 2002, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 since 2006.
Maintaining this certification requires us to consistently provide a product that meets a high standard of both customer and industry requirements. It also holds us accountable for the continual improvement of our mobility solutions. We are exceptionally proud of these honors and we are committed to maintaining the uncompromising standards we’ve held since 2003.

recognition of our strong environmental policy is a symbol of our professionalism and responsible and caring attitude

  • Deschamps has established an ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM based on the international norm ISO 14001/2004 which certifies that our activity complies with the regulation on environmental protection.
  • Deschamps Quality-Safety-Environment Management takes an active part in the constant improvement of Deschamps products, guarantees the highest quality, and mandates annual quality control inspections in order to preserve the durability of this process.