Mobi-Chair® is a high quality, floating beach wheelchair that provides a seamless transition from boardwalk-to-beach-to water.

Mobi-Chair® promises to be your ultimate partner for leisure time and entertainment during your vacations at the beach, at lakes or even in swimming pools…

Wheelchair users, children and adults with special needs can benefit from the convenience, portability and comfort of the Mobi-Chair®.

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Mobi-chair®

#1- It floats!


The armrests and wheels are comprised of flotation materials that enable the chair to fully float in any water. The integrated handles on the armrests provide added stability while enjoying the ride on land or in the water.  

#2 - It's Safe

Mobi-chair® was created with safety in mind.  The chair is designed to be stable on land and in calm water conditions.  The rider is secured by a harness.  You can enjoy in safe conditions.  See Conditions of Use

#3 - Seamless Transition from your Wheelchair

The Mobi-chair® arm rests lift so the rider can transition in and out of the chair with ease.

#4 - Comfortable and Easy to Handle

Complete ManeuverabilityThe Mobi-Chair® provides a comfortable ride. The rubber pneumatic tires absorb the shock and discomfort caused when riding across rugged terrain, and it provides easy mobility through sand and other rough surfaces.  Users are able to recline in a comfortable position while riding, sunning, bathing or sitting for extended periods of time.  Mobi-chair’s® 3 positions are designed with everyone in mind.

#5 - Easy to Transport

Easy to Transport

The transportation and storage of the Mobi-Chair® are very convenient. The Mobi-Chair® can fit easily into the trunk or back of most vehicles so Mobi-Chair® will be able to accompany you on all of your trips.

#6 - Easy to Assemble

The Mobi-Chair® is quickly assembled or disassembled in 5-10 minutes by operating the quick release mechanisms.  No tools are required.

#7 - Durable

Mobi-Chair® is comprised of only quality components.  The aluminum frame and stainless steel parts are corrosion free from salt water and the attractive, comfortable fabric is non-allergenic, UV resistant, water resistant and ventilated for quick drying.  Mobi-Chair® can be used for many years by following our recommendations listed here:

#8 - Best Value for the Money

Mobi-Chair® is $2,139 with no hidden costs.  It ships directly to your doorstep in 5-10 business days. There is no other similar product on the market today that provides the same excellent value for your money.  We know you will agree – you will not find a better product for the money. We ship from NJ.

#9 - Looks Great!

Mobichair floating wheelchair good looking

The Mobi-Chair’s® sleek and colorful design gives it an appealing look.  Spending time on the beach and in the water is fun and we want the Mobi-Chair® to reflect that.

#10 - DMS : A Socially Engaged Company

DMS socially engaged company
DMS saw a need and is meeting the need in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Innovators from the time of our founding in 1860, DMS recognized the accessibility and mobility needs of the disabled and met those needs with our unique products.  We also work with recognized and reputable non-profits organizations who share our desire to bring more mobility options to the disabled.