Deschamps Mats Systems is always looking for ways to best meet our customers’ needs. Here are all of the testimonials we received after our last mailing.  Nothing gives us greater pleasure than to hear we played a part in improving lives.

In order to respect our clients’ privacy, we do not use their full names:

“I can’t begin to tell you how comfortable and stable the Mobi-Chair is. I’m thrilled that my boyfriend is now going to be able to join us out in the lake this summer! I’m also planning on hitting some local nature/hiking trails with him in his Mobi-Chair.”

(S.B.R.R 03/06/15)

“AWESOME in the water. I didn’t have to take it in real far and Fulton was bouncing in the wave, getting splashed and squealing with excitement. Rolls and steers easily on the boardwalk, sidewalk and other surfaces.”

(F. 03/10/14)

“I truly love this Chair! To be a quadriplegic and be able to go out into the ocean is a dream come true. What a freeing independent fantastically fun feeling. An incredible life changing experience…”

(R.K. 12/06/12)

“Allowing disabled people to enjoy the beach and swimming with their family/friends is worth all the money in the world.”

(T.S. 11/23/12)

“Great value for money.”

(Wilson, 11/23/2012)

“Very expensive but a huge improvement over fishing wagon; easier for parents to pull.”

(Has preferred remain anonymous, 12/06/12)

“I personally feel it was overpriced compared to other chairs. However it was a good purchase: it remains to be the best beach wheelchair on the market.”

(Has preferred remain anonymous, 11/23/2012)

“It was nice my son could get down to the water with us right into water. We have a hill to get down before water so chair helped. Very expensive Chair! Also not as stable in water as expected by video on website. Enjoyable, newly able to go to beaches until we got this chair.”

(O.M, received the 11/23/2012)

“Easy to store. Love the floating. Not so heavy. It helps my daughter to be part of the family.”

(R.G. 11/21/2012)

“My dad died in 1993 of a brain tumor. It was impossible back then to take him anywhere. What I would have given to get him to the beach! There is something about the ocean that makes everything better. You are making it possible for so many and it is just such an amazing and wonderful thing you are doing.”

(From a mail address to Smile Mass, a non-profitable business that gave free Mobi-Chairs® to several Cap Code beaches this year, 9/20/2012).

“They were enjoying it as much as he was,” Baskett says. “Most of these folks haven’t been in the water in a long time. It’s just amazing to see them. They’re so excited and so happy.”

Burney Baskett, South Padre Island Fire Chief

“With the help of Mobi-Mat® and Mobi-Chairs®, Life Rolls On was able to assist 20 individuals get back into the water and enjoy a day of surfing. The Mobi-Chairs® were of great assistance to get the adapted surfers out of their wheelchairs and into the ocean. With the ability of the Mobi-Chairs® to literally float the adapted surfers right into ocean, they were able to experience freedom that is not available in their daily lives.”

Chad de Satnick, North East Coordinator, Life Rolls On